Biggest ever shoutout to Ronnie! After one call, everything that felt disconnected came together into a cohesive whole. Instead of a narrow focus on one aspect of my work, I’m integrating everything I do into one more powerful focus. Now I can do what I love most, in the way I love doing it, and offer more value. As a coach, Ronnie is uplifting and empowering. As a strategist, he’s brilliant. And as a person, he’s full of life and contagious enthusiasm. That one call was priceless. Thanks a million Ronnie!

There is something magical about Ronnie. Not only can he envision your potential and the potential of your business, he'll offer a clear actionable path to make it so. And as a priceless bonus, you'll come away with an inspired spirit and renewed motivation.

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ronnie Tsunami for causing a Brain Tsunami in me with all of his brilliant advice. This is definitely a Coach that you need to have to Rock your Business!!!

There are people in this world that so generously gift their time and wisdom to others. Ronnie is one of these amazing people. He has a way of getting right to the heart of things quickly and adds so much value to building your business!

Just under two hours of coaching from Ronnie Tsunami has helped me become more clear about, and focused on, my program and business plan than I have ever been. With ease and efficiency he has got me moving quickly, following a practical, powerful and simple system that has saved me months of unnecessary time and work. Ronnie managed to understand my vision, break it down into workable components, and add creative input. I can't say enough good things about Ronnie and his fresh, genuine and caring approach to coaching. His generous spirit and passion for helping others succeed is evident in all that he does. This man - and his methods - are the real deal. I'm so grateful for his knowledge, training and support.

Ronnie Tsunami listened to my overall concept of what I wanted to create and within minutes had created a sales funnel for me that will address and meet the needs of my clients. He helped me to re-define a niche that was profitable for me and would most benefit my clients based on my expertise. Ronnie's clarity is a huge gift to his clients. His enthusiasm is contagious and has me so excited to work with him and live my purpose of coaching women to be more assertive in their life. Working with Ronnie will allow me to play a bigger game and take my business to a whole new level.

We love working with the team! We organized our Green Apple Summit and Gala on relatively short notice, and despite the immense pressure to get everything done on time, the team was always positive and friendly, even at 2 am! We will definitely work with them again!

We love working with the team! We organized our Green Apple Summit and Gala on relatively short notice, and despite the immense pressure to get everything done on time, the team was always positive and friendly, even at 2 am! We will definitely work with them again!

I would like to personally thank you Ronnie for your recent time spent with me and all your assistance with helping me on my business. You have given me so much confidence in what I do by having the strategies in mind and a template to follow. It is your thoughtfulness and kind gesture that has helped me to use the tools and strategies.
Working with you was a great learning experience for me. I really value your knowledge and the insight you have, as well as your willingness to give your time to help those succeed in their business. Thank you so much

Ronnie is a powerhouse - he has a brilliant mind with the most open, generous heart, an increasing rarity these days. One of Ronnie's gifts is his ability to take previously ignored aspects of yourself and show you how they can be your biggest strengths. For a solopreneur like me, this is worth its weight in gold. I was struggling to continue to grow my business and my reach, and within minutes, Ronnie showed me how I could take what I was doing, systematise it, and draw in the perfect clients for me with so much less effort. He is so encouraging and supportive, and really listens to you and understands what is really important to you. If you are looking for a coach who knows what he's talking about, who has the track record and experience to help you navigate the ever-changing digital world, and who has a heart of gold, look no further than Ronnie.

I want to thank Ronnie Tsunami for doing an awesome job. He took the time to understand my goals and helped me to develop an online marketing gameplan for success. Ronnie Tsunami is the best.

Ronnie Tsunami was able to help us implement and launch our members area. We were impressed by the speed he did the project and how well things flowed. We would recommend him as a coach and a quick launch specialist!

The Charlotte Music Awards has been recognizing local musicians in North Carolina and South Carolina since 2007 through a series of 12 to 14 live music showcases held each year. We never really took advantage of the Internet or social media until we connected with Ronnie Tsunami. Within a few short months, not only did he re-design our website and triple the number of unique visitors, but he helped us to greatly expand our marketing reach through email and text message campaigns. Simply put, Ronnie Tsunami ROCKS!

I have had my VeganMentor coaching business for 14 years. I met Ronnie last year and this was a game changer for me! He was able to help me grow my business and organize it. Because of Ronnie's help, my client base has grown substantially. He helped me see where I could improve. I also put on yearly events, i.e. "Go Healthy Live" with leading plant exclusive doctors and chefs. I have top vegan advocates speak for my "Go Compassionate Live" webinars. He helps me expand my live events by podcasting them as well. With Ronnie's promotional and technical assistance, I have been able to attract a much larger audience. I highly recommend his outstanding services.

We took our sanctuary-centered farmed animal conference and went virtual in 2020 thanks to the immense help from Ronnie. They made the daunting task a breeze! We had so much fun working with Ronnie and his team, that we jumped at the opportunity to work with them again this year. Nobody could have done a better job. Thank you!