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Do what you do best....we do the rest!

Rock You Academy is an organization dedicated to helping you to plan, build, launch and grow a successful "rockstar" business that is truly aligned with your passions, purpose, experiences and interests. This includes business strategy, marketing and tech support so you can focus on what you do best - helping others succeed. 

Training vs Implementation

What makes us different is that we don't just teach - we implement.  That's right, we actually help you to build and market your learning solutions.  We even provide you with an all-in-one digital marketing platform to host your courses and website, build sales funnels, drive traffic to your funnels, capture and follow up with leads, manage projects, and support customers. 

How It Works

We have several programs designed to help you in each phase of your journey, from finding your purpose to finding partners and affiliates.  We provide both training and implementation support, so you can achieve your goals easier and faster.  We want help you keep moving forward in your journey to help others.  You can choose which programs you want to leverage, or you can choose to leverage all of them and have a whole support team helping you to grow bigger and faster.

Our Programs

1. Release Your Inner Rockstar

Get clarity on how to transform your passions and purpose into a legacy, while designing a revenue-generating Signature System. 

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2. Rockstar DFY

Let us take care of all the technology, and help you design, build and launch your revenue-generating programs faster.

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3. JV Jams

Quickly and easily find and network with potential joint venture (JV) partners to help cross-promote each others products and services.

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           Created business and technology training programs that were implemented in thousands of academic institutions and enterprise organizations, including Duke University, the US Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

           Helped to build and manage the business and technology training and education programs for 150 colleges and universities as Chief Information Officer of i/Tech Services

           Served in the US Air Force in Computer Operations, Network Engineer for the Secretary of Defense, and Director of Information Services for the Congressional Commission on Veterans Affairs

           Created and co-hosted multiple virtual summits and events featuring 16 to 60 experts each, including eight summits within an 18 month timespan

           Lead singer, songwriter and musician with the Tsunami Wave Riders, and winner of “Single of the Year” - Hawaii Music Awards, “Top Beach Band in North America” – Rising Star Awards, “Best World Music Artist” - Charlotte Music Awards, and “Best Country Artist” - Charlotte Music Awards

"If you are feeling confused in your business, like you don't have the resources, tools, or correct advice to create or build the business of your dreams, look no further than Ronnie Tsunami."


"If you're looking for someone who can help you organize your ideas into the business strategy that you can put into action, then Ronnie Tsunami is the right person to work with."


Transforming Passion Into Legacy

We help you align your passions, interests and experiences and transform them into a world-changing legacy.



"Biggest ever shoutout to Ronnie! After one call, everything that felt disconnected came together into a cohesive whole. Instead of a narrow focus on one aspect of my work, I’m integrating everything I do into one more powerful focus. Now I can do what I love most, in the way I love doing it, and offer more value. As a coach, Ronnie is uplifting and empowering. As a strategist, he’s brilliant. And as a person, he’s full of life and contagious enthusiasm. That one call was priceless. Thanks a million Ronnie!"

Shireen Bawnlavery

Quiet Lion Signature Styling


"I would like to personally thank you Ronnie for your recent time spent with me and all your assistance with helping me on my business. You have given me so much confidence in what I do by having the strategies in mind and a template to follow. It is your thoughtfulness and kind gesture that has helped me to use the tools and strategies.
Working with you was a great learning experience for me. I really value your knowledge and the insight you have, as well as your willingness to give your time to help those succeed in their business. Thank you so much! 

Anita Carter

Family First


"There is something magical about Ronnie. Not only can he envision your potential and the potential of your business, he'll offer a clear actionable path to make it so. And as a priceless bonus, you'll come away with an inspired spirit and renewed motivation."

Linda Lang

Thought Change

To help you stand out and 'rock the stage', we've brought in experts such as... 

Gerardo Velez - 7-time Grammy nominated musician and event producer 

           Nominated for seven (7) Grammys 

           Won (6) Gold and Platinum recordings and three (3) Amex Gold Reel Awards

           Produced hundreds of shows and events with his own event management company

            Was part of Jimi Hendrix’s band at Woodstock, and he went on to perform with David Bowie, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Stevie Nicks, Chaka Khan, Marc Anthony and countless others

           Helped develop several popular sitcoms including “All in the Family”, “The Jefferson’s” , “Who’s the Boss”, and “Different Strokes” 

Pat Labez, multi award-winning actress, producer and author

           Twice an award-winning international best selling author

           Acted in senior roles in a number of TV/Film productions including CBS, NBC and HBO Max

           Produced and acted in two award-winning short films

           Recognized by media for innovative senior living programs including areas in memory care, volunteerism, pet therapy, gardening and art, creative community collaboration such as inter-generational programs, and more

           Served as a panel speaker on aging and long-term care options at AARP events in New York

           Served as a volunteer for the Camarillo Area on Aging, Camarillo Hospice, RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Alzheimer’s Association, American Red Cross of Ventura County, and others, and was a frequent guest speaker on long-term care senior services at various agencies and community events in Southern California


Making Waves & Getting Raves